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Why have Umbrella Insurance?


A 6-year old boy suffers permanent injuries to his arm and hand while playing in a friend's yard and being lifted over a fence to retrieve a ball.   Verdict against homeowner - $1,220,000

A driver turns left into a motorcyclist whose passenger suffers severe injuries.  Verdict against the vehicle driver - $3,000,000

While switching lanes, a driver fails to see another vehicle, causing an accident and severe injuries to a young girl.  Verdict against the driver - $9,500,00

These scenarios have actually occurred - along with the judgments.  Please don't let this happen to you.

In the "sue-and-sue big" world we live in today, all of us are vulnerable to involvement in situations where we could be found liable.  Just by owning a home, operating a motor vehicle, keeping pets or possessing a boat or other recreational items, we could become the targets of legal action and face potentially huge judgments - in addition to high legal defense costs.

A Personal Insurance Umbrella Liability policy complements and expands the coverage and limits of your present auto, homeowners and other primary policies you own.  

Following are some peace of mind coverages that may come with an insurance umbrella policy:

Coverage limits higher than what is provided by primary insurance policies for mishaps occurring anywhere in the world.  This includes:

Liability, such as bodily injury, sickness or disease; libel, slander, invasion of privacy rights, false arrest or false imprisonment; wrongful detention, wrongful entry, wrongful eviction or malicious prosecution.

Property damage liability, including tangible damage to property, including loss of use.  

Legal costs can easily overwhelm personal savings and other assets.  Your personal insurance umbrella pays defense costs for any suit brought against you when coverage for the loss is provided by the insurance umbrella policy.

Your personal insurance umbrella will pay other expenses that can be involved in conducting your legal defense.  For example, it may up to $250 per day for loss of wages and salary if you are required by the company to attend hearings or trials.  Also, payment of bond premiums may be provided.  

A personal insurance umbrella can give you $1,000,000 in coverage for each occurrence - and even higher limits are available!  This limit is applied as excess over primary policies, such as personal liability, auto liability, watercraft liability, limited business pursuits liability and rental liability.  Loss assessment coverage can be purchased if desired.

This same, high limit applies to certain liability situations not usually covered by basic policies.  And you coverage applies worldwide.

We can help you review your insurance needs and select the amount of coverage that is right for you.  You'll be amazed at how affordable a personal insurance umbrella policy can be!


Source: State Auto Insurance Companies

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